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"The trio's current single Coral Lady is a thick creamy slice of prog grunge with a crumbly desert rock crust. If it were alive, it would be a big wailing, marauding beast of a thing that you'd have to shoot with an elephant gun to put down"

David Roy, Irish News

"In a set encompassing impossibly tight, blistering grooves, the force and intensity of this band is a genuine sight to behold"

Brian Coney, ATL

"Wasting no time in capitalising on the underground success of March's 'Rat Bag/Texty Texty' single, this lengthy, loose-limbed assault, combines the explosive, out-of-nowhere art-punk of the Mars Volta with the soaring highs of Songs For The Deaf."

"Front man Rory Dee displays a vocal prowess more than your average singer, however it is his blended Cobain and Homme brogue that spill character all over his phrasing.They undoubtedly prove they have the chops to match the most 'heaviosis' young blood on the Northern Irish music scene"

"Octavia marks a definite musical progression and a tangible statement of intent from Belfast-based three-piece Chocolate Love Factory. Disregarding what you might make of their name, these five tracks reveal Chocolate Love Factory to be one of this small country’s best in riff-fuelled rock."

AU Magazine

"Onwards to more new music from the delightful Chocolate Love Factory. Motivator, out now, is a fine raucous yet poppy fuzz-groover from the Belfast-based trio, featuring plenty of throat-raping melodic screaming a la Kurt Cobain from singer/guitarist Rory Dee."

David Roy, Irish News

"It's a rare thing these days to find a band who rock this hard and still find time to write a hook that gets stuck in your cranium for days, and days... Stylistically the band put one in mind of grunge godfathers Mudhoney smoking a skinny, skanky spliff out the back with Swedish titans Truckfighters."

Stephen David O'Connor

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